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You too could be a published author in a few days with an off the shelf book cover, an eBook formatting service, and uploading it to Amazon. The number of businesses who will help you do this is growing daily. They will take your money and send you on your way! You will be a published indie author with a new book on Amazon listening to the crickets greet your book release with 3,500 other new releases clamoring for readers attention each day.

A real indie author knows career planning makes the big difference between using Amazon as a storage device and bestselling career success.

The number of authors who live on the income from their books is relatively small. It takes planning and time to rise to the top of the bestseller lists. The truth is you can make it if you are willing to put into it the time and resources to attain success. If you want to be a writer, we would be happy to have you join us.


What We Know

There are so many authors looking for the lightning to strike and make their careers; you’d think it happens all the time. NOT. You can wait for someone else to make you successful, or you can take control of your writing career and create your success.



It's Why We're Excited To Announce:


It is so important to your goals that you take this step that we created this offering and made it available today. Our idea is to empower you to take control of your writing career and instead of waiting for success that may never come to build it yourself.



Why This Course?

It provides you a process of looking at your career from macro to micro viewsThis course will reduce or eliminate the speed bumps between you and your writing career goals. We guarantee it.


We Provide:

A career planning pathway that will have you refocusing your efforts on activities that will give meaning to your efforts.

Finally, if you want to pretend you are an author continue as you are; spinning your wheels and going nowhere. To make your dreams come true, you need this course.


Who should take this course?

  • People who are just beginning to write their first book
  • Authors who have hit a wall in their career
  • Authors who have indie published and have not seen any sales
  • People who have given up on the traditional channels
  • People who desire a successful writing career

What You Get:


A step by step career plan to attain your career goals

The Course Includes

  • Section One, one lesson, and exercises
  • Section Two, one lesson, and exercises
  • Section Three, one lesson, and exercises
  • Section Four, one lesson, and exercises
  • Commentary and ideas that will inspire and encourage you
  • Bonus Career Planning: A Writer’s Participant Guide


Our courses are unique and can be utilized in almost any business type.


No matter how well you think you are doing, there is always room for improvement, and we are experts for this.


Under our wings, you will witness career growth in a short amount of time.

Our Courses

Our courses are intended to give you the skills needed to make your career aspirations real.


This is about your career goals!

Self-improvement has become a requirement in so many career fields it is required just to stay in your position, much less than getting ahead. The question is what are you going to do about it? Do nothing and sink into a morass of a drab career or empower yourself with the skills and knowledge to not only move ahead but to rise to the top.

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Percentage of Retail Channel for eBook Sales in the top 5 country Markets captured by Amazon.


Self-Published Indie Author Sales

Indie Authors are capturing at lease 20% - 35% of all eBook sales at Amazon.


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